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DUI & DWI Defense

       Being charged with a DUI in the state of Rhode Island is a serious offense.  You need to choose the right DUI defense lawyer to defend your rights.  For more than 28 years, Attorney Michael C. Judge has been concentrating in the area of DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) Defense, DUI (Driving under the Influence) Defense, Breathalyzer Refusal Defense and Chemical Test Refusal Defense.   If you are looking for a Rhode Island Drunk Driving Lawyer with the knowledge, skills, talents and experience to get the job done, Attorney Michael C. Judge is the lawyer for you.   Call me now at (401) 578-4951 for a free consultation (Available 24/7).   Facing a Rhode Island DUI charge can be a very frightening experience.  Many people in this situation do not know where to turn.  Attorney Judge can help you.  Attorney Michael C. Judge is a local Rhode Island DUI Defense Lawyer with more 28 years of successful results.  Scroll down on this page to see what his clients say about him.  Over the years, Attorney Judge has honed his skills and strategies in defending Rhode Island drunk driving (DUI / DWI / Chemical Test Refusal) cases.  For your best DUI Defense call  Attorney Michael C. Judge now!

     Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is a very serious offense.  No matter which state you live in, you face a variety of repercussions for the crime.  The State of Rhode Island has been cracking down on drunk driving in recent years, call now at (401) 578-4951 for a free and thorough case analysis (Available 24/7).  When charged with DUI (whether its your first offense or a repeat offense) you will be facing heavy fines, court costs, loss of your driver's license, DUI classes, community service, increased car insurance and possible jail time.  A DUI charge can also leave you with a permanent criminal record, which can severely harm your future by preventing you from finding work with some employers.  

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     Many people facing DUI charges do not consult with and experienced DUI attorney about their rights.  Rather, they choose to take the blame for the charges and are left with the life altering consequences of a criminal conviction.  Many people are not aware of the help an effective Rhode Island DUI attorney can provide.

     As a local Rhode Island drunk driving lawyer, Attorney Judge concentrates his efforts on providing the best DUI defense to those charged in our major cities and small towns including Pawtucket, Providence, Warwick, Cranston, Westerly, Charlestown, North Kingstown, South Kingstown, Narragansett, Newport, Jamestown, Middletown, Portsmouth, Bristol, Woonsocket, Johnston, Coventry, Cumberland, Smithfield, East Providence, Lincoln, East Greenwich, Barrington, West Warwick, North Providence, Tiverton, Warren, Richmond, North Smithfield, Central Falls, Scituate, Exeter, Burrillville, Little Compton, Foster, Glocester, West Greenwich, New Shoreham, Hopkinton.  We have successfully represented clients charge with DUI in every city and town in the State of Rhode Island.  Attorney Judge has also defended a large number of individuals arrested and charged by the Rhode Island State Police with DUI / DWI.  Call now for a free and thorough case analysis at (401) 578-4951 (Available 24/7).


     An experienced and skilled Rhode Island DUI Defense Attorney like Michael C. Judge can help you to avoid a DUI conviction and the serious and life altering consequences that a DUI conviction can have on your future.  Along with a criminal record that will follow you around for many years to come, the following is a summary of some of the penalties you may be facing when charged with a DUI in Rhode Island pursuant to the Rhode Island Drunk Driving Statute.

First Offense - Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) .08 but less than .10 -

  •      a fine of $100 to $300, plus court costs
  •      ten (10) to sixty (60) hours of community service
  •      imprisonment up to one (1) year at the adult correctional facility
  •      one (1) to six (6) months license suspension
  •      criminal conviction

First Offense -  Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) .10 but less than .15 BAC Unknown:

  •      a fine of $100 to $400, plus court costs
  •      ten (10) to sixty (60) hours of community service
  •      imprisonment up to one (1) year at the adult correctional facility
  •      three (3) to twelve (12) months license suspension
  •      criminal conviction

First Offense - Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) .15 or above or controlled substance

  •      a fine of $500, plus court costs
  •      twenty (20) to sixty (60) hours of community service
  •      imprisonment of up to one (1) year at the adult correctional facility
  •      three (3) to eighteen (18) months license suspension
  •      criminal conviction


Second Offense - Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) .08 but less than .15 or BAC unknown or controlled substance penalties

  •      $400.00 fine, plus court costs
  •      one (1) to two (2) year license suspension
  •      mandatory installation of ignition interlock device required for a period of six (6) months  to two (2) years (hardship license available)
  •      MANDATORY ten (10) days in jail (possibly up to one (1) year in jail)
  •      participation in alcohol and drug treatment
  •      additional assessments and fees

Second Offense - Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) .15 or above penalties

  •      1,000.00 fine, plus court costs
  •      two (2) year license suspension from the date of the completion of the sentence imposed
  •      mandatory installation of ignition interlock device required for a period of six (6) months to two (2) years (hardship license available)
  •      MANDATORY six (6) moths in jail (possibly up to one (1) year in jail);
  •      participation in alcohol and drug treatment
  •      additional assessments and fees

Third offense - Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) .08 but less than .15 or BAC unknown or controlled substance penalties

  •      felony
  •      400.00 fine, plus court costs
  •      two (2) to three (3) year license suspension;
  •      mandatory installation of ignition interlock device required for a period of one (1) to four (4) years
  •      MANDATORY one (1) year in jail (possibly up to three (3) years in jail)
  •      participation in alcohol and drug treatment
  •      additional assessments fees

Third offense - Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) .15 or above penalties:

  •      felony
  •      $1,000.00 to $5000.00 fine, plus court costs
  •      three (3) year license suspension from the date of completion of the sentence imposed
  •      mandatory installation of ignition interlock device required for a a period of one (1) to four (4) years
  •      MANDATORY three (3) years in jail (possible up to five (5) years in jail)
  •      motor vehicle seized and sold (at the discretion of the Sentencing Judge
  •      additional assessment fees

potential penalties for refusal to submit to a chemical test statute (R.i.G.L. 31-27-2.1)

First Offense Refusal to Submit to a Chemical Test:

  •      $200.00 to $500 fine, plus court costs
  •      ten (10) to sixty (60) hours of community service
  •      six (6) to twelve (12) months license suspension
  •      participation in driving while intoxicated program or alcohol and drug treatment
  •      additional assessment fees








Michael Judge is a very smart and experienced attorney. He does not take the cookie cutter approach to any of his cases as most attorneys would. He took the time to analyze my unique set of circumstances and was able to execute a well thought out plan that greatly exceeded my expectations. I am grateful for being well served by this attorney and would definitely recommend him to anyone.

- Christopher


If you are looking for a legitimate defense attorney, looking out for the best interest for his client, then Michael Judge is the man for you. I could not be any happier with how he performed, came fully equipped with guns blazing, by that I mean he puts up a fight that is NOT easily matched. Not only does he do his job he actually cares for his client and helps out in any way shape or form. He does not lie or mislead you in any direction. I can honestly say Michael is the most straight forward attorney, tells you the worst outcome you could potentially face and gives you the best outcome. When he represented my case, the outcome was supposed to have been really bad but he came thru for me and got the best possible outcome. Not only will Michael do the job to surpass your liking, he is also affordable. Bottom line Michael C Judge is the perfect man for the job.

- Jamal


Michael Judge helped me through a tough process. I had never been arrested and had no past experience with the court system. His knowledge and experience with the different judges were unmatched. He guided me to make the right decision for my case.

- Frank


Hiring Mr. Judge was the best move I have ever made. Right from the start he was honest, straight forward and available. He fought for me with passion and made me feel like I was not alone during my tough time. I 100% recommended Michael Judge. He strives for the best result and obtained that result. He also walked me through step by step about our process and never left me in the dark. Don't think twice about it, Michael Judge is the lawyer for you.

- Rich


From all the reviews I have read about Mike Judge I cannot agree more with them. These are not Misrepresentations, I am an actual client with a DUI charge that counselorJudge represented. Not only is he "Honest, Diligent &, Meticulous" he was well versed from the start on how to approach my predicament. Also, I could not believe how Well Respected the man is with the RI court system, we had to move my case to another court, and even with that change of venue the court had no problems on accepting Mike's recommendations on my behalf. He went Up and Beyond the Call of Duty on my case and I can't thank him enough on that pursuit. All in all it was the best "800" number I ever called and somebody up there must like me because I got connected to Councilor Michael Judge.

- Mike F.


Michael not only an accomplished lawyer very informative as well as a fair guy. Can't go wrong with Michael. Wonderful experience dealing with Michael. Highly recommend him

- Tim


As a client I would definitely recommend Michael Judge: because he never disappointed me working with my case. Even though I did not know him at first, he said he would do everything he needed to to defend me and because of that I am thankful.

- Nelson


I was a student in college and had no idea what to do, but Mr. Judge was able to buy me time in court and explained to me what his plans were and what I had to do to help him. He was able to convince a judge, who was elected on a platform of being harsher on domestic violence charges, to lower a probation ruling to a nolo/filing. I saw with my own eyes how passionately he had argued for me. It was a hopeless case with more than enough evidence to convict me harshly, the only mercy factor being my age and "first-time-offender" status. He is more than a great lawyer, he is a great man.

- Anonymous Client


EXCELLENT Attorney!! Highly recommended!! Michael Judge helped me out with my extremely difficult case and I was highly satisfied with the results that were obtained!! He has many years of experience and will fight for you in the best way possible!! What I liked about Michael Judge is that he is very honest, diligent, meticulous, highly experienced, and will guide you in the best direction possible. If Michael Judge is unable to help you with your case, no other attorney can!!

- Anonymous Client



Attorney Judge is one of the best lawyers I know. He honestly believes that every person deserves the best possible defense available and he has the knowledge and skills to provide exactly that. He goes above and beyond for his client's and he truly cares about the outcome for every person he represents.

- Lauren T.

Michael Judge is an excellent attorney who actually cares about the well being of his client. He is professional, courteous, and an expert at his craft. If anyone wants outstanding representation you can rely on Michael C Judge, he keeps it straight forward with you from beginning to end and goes the extra mile in doing anything and everything in his power to leave you satisfied. Best attorney around you will not find better.

- Nelo A.

Michael Judge is the type of lawyer that treats you as a friend, not a client. He works hard and goes that extra distance to deliver results. He is very experienced, practicing for over 22 years and has a thorough understanding of the court system. Very professional and respected lawyer, highly recommend him to anyone needing quality representation.

- Mark U.

Simply amazing with an excellent delivery Michael, I must say if there's anyone that can get the job done with flying colors and amazing results it's you. Thanks again.

- Shannon S.

Michael Judge is not only a Fantastic lawyer who is always 100% honest w/you but he is also compassionate and as well as a friend who you can call upon for any questions you may have...Thanks Michael..

- K.S. Marshal

Michael is an excelent attorney Who inspires confidence and would represent anybody with satisfaction guaranteed. If anybody wants to be in good hands; count on him.

- Nelson G.

Thank u Michael judge for u service..good lawyer I recommend him.

- John R.